Saturday, February 24, 2007

The irony is almost lethal.

Not content with just sitting at the children's table, Werner Patels decides to amble over and shriek at the grown-ups because he wants some attention:

Dumbass comment by leftie

This is the "dumbest post of the day": ...

Canadian Cynic raises this question in response to some of the opinions expressed about today's stupidity of our incompetent Supreme Court judges.

The question should be rephrased as follows:

"Why do the Supreme Court judges, the Liberals and so many people who have gone soft in the brain hate Canada, but love and coddle terrorists?"

Note how Werner insists on keeping the conversation civil and mature by tagging his post with (among other things) "corrupt judges" and "lunatic fringe."

Note also how Werner's first commenter, Lance, upbraids him and tries to actually educate him. And note how Werner has the gall to, while the CPoC is currently running things, describe the left as wanting to "dismantle our country, society and culture wholesale." Um ... right.

Thanks for playing, Werner. Now, if you wouldn't mind tottering off back to the kids' table, we adults have some grown-up things to talk about. You wouldn't be interested.


Anonymous said...

The hobgoblin of common law judges is the "adversary" system of justice in which each side hears the other side's evidence, has a right to confront and cross-examine the other side's witnesses and present its own evidence. Canada would be more secure if Canada switched to an inquisitorial system of jutice in which selected Mounties — chosen for their integrity, loyalty and fairness — made proper inquiries, asked the right questions for and in behalf of both sides, and then announced their decisions. Then the crown wouldn't have to let the subject know the evidence against him. Canadians would become even more free than they are today because Canadians know they can trust their Mounties to protect the rights of everyone while keeping everyone else safe.

Ti-Guy said...

Werner's gone off again. Someone should call in a social worker or something.

Anonymous said...

It seems the good Mr. Patels is another willing sufferer of that most American of afflictions, terrorismitis.
It's a particularly virulent strain that's been pandemic the last few years and it's inevitable that many Canadians would catch it.

Taking into account certain predispositions like latent xenophobia, a diet of mind fogging American scare-speak and narrowed reasoning pathways from those plaque building hours of cable 'news', he is showing the typical manifestations of the disease.
Add to that a certain reckless behavior involving unprotected and irrational transfer of fear hormones with other groups of anonymous BTs, the terroritis can become full blown and highly contagious.
Particularly at risk are the elderly and thinking impaired whose faculties of logical interpretation boil down to a black and white world defined by restricted and biased sources of input.

The progression of terroritis can be followed through it's three stages.
First is an unconscious belief in the supremacy of a first world lifestyle, immune from those messy constraints that might bother beautiful minds like pollution and resource depletion.
Second is an acceptance that all is there for our taking.
After all, it's not like the Mid-East was using or even needs all that oil under their ground.
Isn't all that water in the Great Lakes wasted if it flows off into the sea, wouldn't it be put to better use filling swimming pools and watering golf courses in Arizona?
The third and terminal stage is marked by an intolerance to any impediments to the continuation of this destructive lifestyle.
The need of instant remedies to ease the symptoms and not the cause.
Things like the construction of large glass parking lots or the indiscriminate blowing of things up promise relief but tend to exacerbate the problem.

The cure won't be easy.
It will be slow and involve such abstract concepts as communication and charity with a dose of tolerance.
Also will be the need to break that other annoying habit of theirs.
Now Peter MacKay might say that that's some mighty tasty arse, but they've got to stop the licking.
The development of some sort of patch might help, but I wonder, where would they stick it, on their Wieners, whoops, I mean Werners???

Rev.Paperboy said...

Mr. Patels is pretty much certifiable , I've gotten threating email from him before after posting critical comments on his blog. Really CC, your time would be better spent listening to homeless people who scream at gibberish at passing traffic.