Sunday, February 25, 2007

And remember ... you didn't hear it from me.

Via a commenter from over at Hairy Fishnuts, we follow the links to learn that it can be a real bitch for Americans to visit Canada these days:

"People say, 'I've been going to Canada for 20 years and never had a problem,' '' Lesperance says. "It's classic. I say, 'Well, you've been getting away with it for 20 years.' ''

A prior record has always made it difficult to cross the border. What you probably didn't know was that, as the Canadian Consulate's Web site says, "Driving while under the influence of alcohol is regarded as an extremely serious offense in Canada.''

Damned right. So it would be a wee bit embarrassing if something like, oh, this were to become common knowledge, wouldn't it?

Because if we allow stupid, irresponsible, alcoholic, war-mongering Republican war criminals into this country, the terrorists will have won.


Anonymous said...

See, when it's the Americans who are inconvenienced by not getting into Canada *now*, those dastardly Canadians are taking things too far.
I live 30 minutes form the US border. I'm a 'clean, wholesome, Canadian boy' who hasn't so much as a parking ticket in my 40 years on this planet and it's been more than a few times when I've been 'turned back' at the US border--for no discernable reason that I could think of, other than either I wasn't quick enough with my responses to the guards questions or he or she was in a particularly bitchy mood.
And these times were before 9/11 and before information sharing.
So Americans, want to turn down the 'Those dastardly Canadians aren't letting us go on ski trips 'cause I smoked dope in college!!!' rhetoric a notch?

Anonymous said...

Interestingly the US has similar regulations on who is inadmissible into the US (DUI is generally included) and also have a rehabilitation provision so no whining from either side of the border is necessary.

Since immediate access to criminal history is now a two-way street, expect more of the same. Bottom line if you got caught doing something stupid, figure out how to make it right.