Saturday, February 17, 2007

Something we lefties learned a long time ago: Patience is a virtue.

If there's one thing we in the Leftosphere should understand by now, it's that we only need to be patient -- reality will catch up with everyone else eventually.

It was lefties who, way back in 2003, kept saying that invading Iraq was a bad idea, while the neo-cons couldn't stop clapping their little paws with glee about how easy it was going to be, what with all that democracy to spread and oil to pilfer. At this point, I'm not worried about who history is going to look kindly on, are you?

Then there was global warming, of which we progressives have been saying increasingly ominous things for quite some time. Pooh, pooh, said the Right. Oh, dear ... apparently, we proggies have been vindicated yet again.

The latest example of finally coming around is USA Today founder Al Neuharth, who ran into reality the other day and had it hoof him in the nads. While hacks like Powerline's John Assrocket describe President George W. McRetard as "a man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius," poor Al has finally figured things out, admitting that, yes indeed, George W. really is the worst president ever -- something we liberals have been suggesting for a while now.

So now that we Canadian progressives are suggesting that Stephen Harper and the CPoC are possibly the worst thing to ever happen to this country, the only question is -- how long will it take before Canada's wankers begin to reluctantly admit that, yes, it appears that we were right all along?

Yes, instant gratification is nice, but most of us on the Left have outgrown it. We've learned to be patient. Given that we almost always turn out to be correct in the end, we can afford to be.


Anonymous said...

"Then there was global warming, of which we progressives have been saying increasingly ominous things for..."

Bullshit, you filthy, gangrenous fucking cunt. You and the rest of the left gave your heroes the Liberals a free pass on the environment. And Afghanistan, and Charter contravening anti-"terror" legislation. In fact, you never wrote a single post criticizing the Liberals, you pus-smeared vulva, for doing squat to implement Kyoto.

Not a fucking peep from any of you. Admit it: you think it's fucking cool when Liberals cause Global warming and invade Muslim countries and restrict freedoms, don't you?

Cunt. Cuntcuntcunt. You are a cunt for giving the Liberals a 13 year free pass. Cunt. Cunt. Filthy, stinky, dirty cunt.

Zorpheous said...

Oh come on Anonymous, don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.

Anonymous said...


That was hilarious. Keep trying.

Dave said...

Geez, anonymous left a really slimy trail all the way to his IP.

Do you think he's mad because his right-wing utopia is crashing down faster than a calving glacier in College Fiord?

Lindsay Stewart said...

i think ol' anon's prolly just gettin' fired up for his big date. mrs. tubesock is a feisty thing, eh anon? eh?

Lindsay Stewart said...

and they say nobody hates like the left.
i think anon made in his pants on that one.

Anonymous said...

yabbut, that doesn't make liberals any less... cuntlike.

Olaf said...

Yikes Anon,

That comment was an embarrassment. Who are these people?

The weird thing about your analysis CC, is that being "right" on two issues (George Bush and Global Warming) suggests you're right about every issue. That's a pretty huge jump, no?

Furthermore, I find it odd that although the NDP is the party most consistently "progressive", and more often exactly "right" about issues by your definition, a very small minority of Canadian's ever vote for them.

I think you might be stretching a bit.

David Webb said...

The question is why is Anon so mad at cunts? And why is he so anti-vulva? Somedays I cannot keep track of these right-wing talking points.

Anonymous said...

i never gave the liberals a free pass. i hate the fucking liberals.

i have a mild curiosity (given that anon blames the left for shit) who on the right doesn't want to invade countries and continue to contribute to global warming.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't do us any good to be right if it's always too late. The party with the easy answers and denial issues, as Olaf notes, too often gets too many votes.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the problem with being patient is that the issues we're right on - especially your examples of Iraq and Climate Change - really are things that need to be acted on right away, and our patience usually just means we lefties end up sitting on the top of the rubble heap saying "toldja so", but the righties have already gotten what they wanted, and we're left cleaning up the mess.