Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gilliard hospitalized.

A quick word before I get ready to run a first draft of the video script past the boss. One of my favourite blogs is the newsblog. Steve Gilliard is a brilliant writer and analyst. His coverage of the Iraq war is informed by his deep understanding of military history. While I occasionally disagree with Steve, I always learn something during my daily stop at his door.

Steve is in the hospital suffering from what sounds like a severe respiratory infection. In the meantime, his co-blogger, Jen, is scrambling to keep the place up and running. Steve blogs full time. I don't know the state of his health coverage, but I do know that an overnight in an American ICU will put a dent in his wallet.

Please show your support for one of the very brightest and most outspoken stalwarts of the leftward blogiverse. Take a swing by the newsblog and notice the paypal button. If you can spare it, throw some love that way. If you can't afford it, spend fifteen minutes clicking the ad links.

Get well soon Steve.

And while your there, show some love to Jen in the comments. She's working her butt off to look after Gillie, the blog and her own world too.

Much love from Canada.

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