Sunday, February 11, 2007

An exercise for the readers.

Even if you haven't been following the Nancy Pelosi/airplane dust-up, it's still amusing (as an intellectual challenge) to see how many tawdry, right-wing rhetorical tactics you can identify happening here.

Here, let me start you off: A total lack of sense of humour.

Over to you.


Anonymous said...

You'd think, by this time, someone else at the U. of Wisconsin - Madison Faculty of Law would use the same academic freedom Ann Althouse does to start up a blog and, at the very least, try to present arguments against the idea that the Faculty is staffed by people other than a blithering, solipsistic, ethically-challenged moron like her.

I assert that all lawyers in the US, every single one of them, is a cretin, suffering from some sort of brain disease that is spreading to Canada (vide Daffy Dumdaifallah).

I await verifiable data that challenges this assertion.

Anonymous said...

Ti-guy. For verifiable data that challenges your assertion that all lawyers in the US are "blithering, solipsistic, ethically challenged moron[s]," see my comment at Profiles in Courage, supra.

Anonymous said...

Make my life easier, Seer. Present your cretin-challenging evidence here.

By the way, have you ever heard of Osgoode Hall? *tsk* What am I saying? Of course you've never heard of Osgoode Hall. You're an American, after all...