Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dear neo-cons: Is that your final answer?

What's wrong with this picture?

A WAR of words erupted between Vice President Dick Cheney and the top Democrat in Congress today after Cheney said lawmakers opposing a US troop buildup in Iraq "validate the al Qaeda strategy."


On a visit to Tokyo, Mr Cheney hailed British Prime Minister Tony Blair's announcement of a timetable for withdrawing forces from Iraq, calling it a sign of progress.

Think hard ... it'll come to you.


Anonymous said...

So, according to Cheney, progress is al Qaeda's strategy? Well, that seems perfectly consistent with the neocon attitude towards progress.

Miss Cellania said...

Didn't have to think too hard on that. Anytime you put Iraq and al Qaeda in the same sentence, the result is propaganda.

Ti-Guy said...

Put a Cheney statement anywhere in a sentence, and my brain starts short-circuiting, since all of his assertions are false. All of them. Every single last one of them. He is a born liar.