Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh, screw the troops already.

This should be the final nail in that whole right-wing "we support the troops" bullshit.


Michael said...

There's a great bit in the movie, "Reach for the Sky" about legless WWII Spitfire pilot Douglas Bader.

Frustrated by the lack of official response to his repeated demands for the necessary supplies to make his squadron operational, he fired off a memo advising that his squadron will be non-repeat-non operational until the supplies flowed. And this in the run-up to the Battle of Britain. Next day, a large convoy of trucks was rolling onto his squadron's base.

I wonder what would happen if some especially ballsy senior US military commander informed the C-in-C that his unit would be officially non-operational until it received the tools necessary for the job, like flak jackets, and similarly, the tools necessary to make the required "repairs" to its wounded personnel, like a properly equipped and maintained military hospital on the home front.

Oh sure, he or she would catch no end of the official shitstorm, but if the non-op advisory were also sent to the NYT, then he or she would also ensure a vast public outburst of same directed at BushCo.

"Would you deny a carpenter a hammer? Do our troops have to resort to a step like this simply to receive the appropriate supplies and after-battle care for the wounded?"

One can always dream that a Bader lurks somewhere in the senior ranks.

Miss Cellania said...

Bush's refusal to publicly adress the Walter Reed issue is telling, but only to those who pay attention. Bush was elected (twice) by people who don't pay attention. The mainstream media won't do much with it since there's no photos to illustrate what won't happen. Business as usual.

I wish it were the final nail.