Monday, December 14, 2009

When truly stupid people blog.

Refresh my memory ... what was Richard Colvin up to all this time? Oh (emphasis thigh-suckingly added):

The new allegation is contained in a two-year-old end-of-mission report by Richard Colvin, the whistleblower foreign service officer.

Colvin's disgust that Canada would support a "known human-rights abuser" was palpable and formed the most incendiary paragraphs of the report
. References to Khalid were entirely blacked out in the version of the report publicly released to the Military Police Complaints Commission...

But Colvin's 2007 memo lays out in stark terms how the long-standing association had a corrosive effect on Canada's image in Kandahar. Khalid, Colvin warned, discredited Canada through association...

In a blistering critique, Colvin wrote
that "rather than tackle this governance failure, Canada has systematically avoided it" and that getting serious about cleaning up Kandahar couldn't happen with Khalid still in place...

A Foreign Affairs source said a separate memo sent by Colvin in the winter of 2007 was searing in its criticism and indicated the governor was corrupt, dangerous, self-serving and deeply unpopular with Afghans.

And then there are truly, deeply, awesomely stupid people:

I never said [Colvin] committed war crimes, I simply asked if he had the moral obligation to inform his superiors of what he suspected verbally.

Gosh, Iceman, I guess we'll never know, what with there being absolutely no evidence of Richard Colvin ever notifying anyone of anything.

In the pussified slapfight between Blogging Tories "Iceman" and Justin "Raging Weightlifter" Hoffer, who would have guessed that Justin would turn out to be the sane one?


deBeauxOs said...

Ugh. Asadullah Khalid is a murderous psychopath whose reign of terror rallied Kandahar's people behind the Taliban's protection.

By making Canada's armed forces passively complicit of Khalid's violence against his population, our short-sighted Afghanistan military command chose a strategy that likely destroyed any trust ordinary Afghans once had in our troops.

ForestP said...

Once had in our troops?

Since day 1 we've been packaging afghans in shackles and hoods onto american cargo planes for epic-sore-ass trips across the globe to who knows where (really who knows?)

The mission was never about nation building or bringing fundamental rights to Afghans. Egregious human rights violations come with the territory of a war without cause (or pause) for concern to those who are affected.

This war is a myth.