Friday, December 11, 2009

When total assholes blog.

Of course this is about the Blogging Tories, who all have a shiny new talking point here:

Why are the opposition parties and media so intent on focusing on the singular aspect of alleged ‘torture’ (with a shoe?) when there are so many other, more important issues to discuss?

And here:

But seriously people, shoes are not weapons of torture. One Taliban was hit with a shoe (and not even by us!), and the entire county screams of torture and our troops are war criminals and we broke international Geneva conventions.

But, hey, here's a thought -- let's check in on reality:

The Canadians took the captive back when they found him being beaten with shoes by a half dozen Afghan police.

Here's a simple question for Blogging Tory co-founder and Captain Canada Stephen Taylor: Do you think there's any danger to democracy from a sizable collection of deranged, lunatic, ignorant pathological liars?

No, really ... I'm curious. Take your time and get back to me when you'd like to chat. Specifically, I'd like to beat you with a shoe. I've heard it's no big deal.


Pacanukeha said...

OK. So anyone interferes with the process is a terrorist coddler. And it was soldiers who interfered, so they are coddlers. And anyone who criticizes the military are clearly commie bastards who deserve to be tortured to death.

But, but it was wingnuts who criticized ... *brain asplodes*

Renee said...

What? Why weren't those entries illustrated by a cartoon depicting a racially-stereotyped bug-eyed buck-toothed man in a turban being chased by a police officer - Keystone-Kops style - brandishing a bright red Manolo Blahnick?

Honestly, I think the BTs are losing their special inhuman touch.