Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Larry said.

I'll just go with the flow and recommend this piece by Lawrence Martin, with special emphasis on this particular passage:

The Prime Minister is now in such command that he can get away with pretty much anything. And he is lauded for his conquests.

And that, I think, is the scariest part of all of this. The fact that -- no matter the excess, no matter the egregious violations -- there is a sizable portion of the Canadian electorate who will never, ever, ever criticize their Dear Leader.

The same people who, as Reformers, couldn't wait to criticize the regular screwing over of democracy by the Liberals are now the ones who are absolutely unconditional, unthinking, lockstep cheerleaders for every single one of Stephen Harper's horrors.

Fiscal irresponsibility? Corruption? Breaking election finance laws? Secretive? Unaccountable? Contemptuous of Parliament? No freakin' problem, they chirp in unison. If Stephen Harper, in order to quash another Parliamentary investigation, simply had the leaders of the opposition parties and their families taken out and executed on the front lawn of Parliament as a lesson to the rest of us, all you would hear from the Blogging Tories is how this demonstrated bold leadership and superior time management skills.

Lawrence Martin is right: Thug, bully and sociopath Stephen Harper can now pretty much get away with anything. And there's always going to be enough adoring electorate around to enable that.


I say "unsurprisingly" as I don't think the Blogging Stepford Bitches have had enough time to toddle over to their mailboxes and read their marching orders from Wanker HQ. So let's give it a day or two, at which point I suspect we'll see a deluge of suspiciously similar attacks on Mr. Travers.

That's my prediction. Feel free to weigh in with one of your own.


Anonymous said...

The scary part of this is that you are right.

Even when Mulroney was in power, the only feeling I had was that he was a crooked criminal, with this bunch it is as if the stupidity and insanity has won...

It took years of Liberal governance to get some semblance of order back, with these assmonkeys, the game has changed completely.

Niles said...

Time for everyone to do their yearly reading of Professor Altemeyer's "The Authoritarians" Free download.

It's a manual for defining authoritarian followers and what they will go along with once their loyalty factor has been engaged by cynical exploiting leaders. Also, why they can be organized so much better than 'progressives'.

I sometimes think all progressive blogs should keep a permanent link to the Professor's paper on their sidebar.

vw: gacksess. yeah, that's the sound of multiple noises out of progressives about all this.

Anonymous said...

I say "unsurprisingly" as I don't think the Blogging Stepford Bitches have had enough time to toddle over to their mailboxes and read their marching orders from Wanker HQ.
Give it a day or do... It take brain power to write "but the Liberals..."

liberal supporter said...

No need to read "The Authoritarians", just get your high school copy of "Animal Farm". Preston Manning is "Old Major", except he's still alive. Stephen Harper is Napoleon and wherever he goes the BTs bleat "Democracy good, autocracy better". Peter MacKay is Squealer, while the vilified Snowball is whoever the current Liberal leader is.

The Seer said...

Dear CC:

You want to elevate "acts" over "faith."

This is not the path to salvation.

Hope you take this to heart.

Anonymous said...

At least there's not uniformed division called the "Harper Youth" which will goose-step on the street at the command of their Fuhrer. Yet.