Friday, December 18, 2009

So ... how's that "world stage" thing working out, Steve?

Once again, Sherman, into the wayback machine, back to those halcyon days ...

Harper's straight talk: PM's New York speeches put Canada back on world stage
September 22, 2006

In two stand-tall speeches this week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper served notice on the world through the United Nations, and New York's Economic Club, that Canada will make its influence widely felt in defence and promotion of liberal-democratic values.

And how's that going these days? Whoops ... not so well:

Obama arrived in the Danish capital Friday morning in the hopes his influence could sway the 193 countries present to get a deal done. He quickly convened a special meeting with 19 other leaders, but Harper was not on the guest list.

Yeah, we're back. Absolutely.


Anonymous said...

I bet "Being Snubbed by the president of the United States" will become another "Harper Government Accomplishment".

thwap said...

Remember when harper released news that Obama was lying to US-American workers about changing NAFTA?

I'll bet the Obama administration does.

ForestP said...

Probably doesn't even feel snubbed. I doubt Harper even needs to show up to these meetings in the first place. Whatever the US says, we're bound to follow?