Friday, December 11, 2009

Plan ahead? Not sure what you're suggesting here.

Over at GI Joe Central and World of Warcraft HQ, that adorable little Torch scamp "Mark from Ottawa" is, like, totally impressed when someone points out the inevitable:

Afstan: "Can we resist the pressure to stay?"

Good piece by Brian Stewart at the CBC. Excerpts:

There is a new spectre haunting Canada's military and I am not talking about the detainee issue.

It is the prospect of what the generals are bluntly calling Mission Termination, the label they have given to Canada's departure from Kandahar in 2011.

The painful irony for our military is that the images of our leave-taking, in a little over a year from now, may come to define Canada's Afghan mission around the world far more than all the sacrifices and long years of campaigning.

For there will be nothing swift or subtle about it. Instead, Canada's problem will be how to finesse a total pullout in the face of a world media that will inevitably portray our mission's end as a vivid symbol of Western war weariness...

Here, let me tighten that up for you, Mark:

"So ... when we got into this, we should have been thinking about how to eventually get out of it, too? Well, shit, that would have been nice to know! You might have mentioned that!"

Yeah, that reads better, don't you think?

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