Tuesday, December 08, 2009

In the interests of full disclosure ...

... let's correct the record regarding searching the Blogging Tories web site in order to humiliate them by demonstrating how relentlessly they avert their eyes from the wrong kind of news -- a brand new game we're having all kinds of fun with lately.

Back here, regular commenter Renee states:

CC linked to the BT aggregator, which is the sum of the (ahem) intelligence on the Right. Not a single blog - despite it being the sum of all the blogs. Not a SINGLE ONE is talking about the tragedy.

Actually, no, that's not what's happening. When I post those screencaps, all the search represents is a search of the current main page over there -- that is, page one, not the entire sum of all of the BT aggregator throughout history. So it's entirely possible that someone over at Mouthbreather Central blogged about a particular topic, but that that post simply and inevitably shifted off the main page because of newer material coming in. It's always possible.

However, I still consider that kind of search to be enlightening because it represents, typically, a few dozen posts, every one of which is ruthlessly ignoring some bit of current news that absolutely everyone else is talking about.

Fact is, I'd dearly love to up the humiliation factor by doing a full, BT-wide, historically-unlimited search ... and I used to do that until Stephen Taylor removed that search feature from the BT web site. I have no idea why he did that, but I like to think it's because I used it to such awesome and devastating effect that he had no choice but to take it away from me. It's just a guess, but it makes me feel good to believe it.

And the record is now corrected.

P.S. As of 5:04 this morning, there's page 1:

and page 2:

and page 3:

and page 4:

and page 5:

I think you get the idea. Which makes this recent admission by Blogging Tory Brenda/"Hunter" so pants-pissingly funny:

I do not watch Canadian news, it is so biased it is not credible anymore.

What I do is go to Blogging Tories to find the latest news.

Yeah, that's pretty much a guaranteed recipe for being as ignorant as it's physically possible to be, wouldn't you say?

: As I understand it, I am a complete and total douchebag for acting all smug and such because we here at CC HQ get regular links from the New York Times "Blogrunner" service when, as has been explained to me, those links are totally worthless because they're automatically generated and they're worth nothing and it doesn't mean that anyone over there is actually reading what we write or something to that effect.

On the other hand, here's Blogging Tory "Hunter":

I usually try to stay under the wire because I can't understand why Stephen thinks my blog is worthy of the "front page", ...

Maybe someone should explain the concept of "scrolling" to Brenda.

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sooey said...

I just read the last sentence anyway. Unless there are comments already. Then I just read the comments so I can comment on the last comment. That's what we all do. Didn't I tell you that already?