Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guilty pleasures.

Deal with it.

And just to be different ...


Kelseigh said...

De Burgh was always at his best as a storyteller, it's a shame he moved away from that. Al Stewart was the same, he had these lovely albums full of reminiscences and tales, but eventually went on to do the usual early 80's crap that never really was very good.

I should dig up Spanish Train again, with the poker game between God and the Devil.

CK said...

Kelseigh, I agree with you there. It's like they sell their soul to the devil or something like that.

I liked the tales he told in his old stuff.

The Buggles? Oooh! I'm having a Dr Johnny Fever kinda moment here....Booooooger!!

Frank Frink said...

The artist formerly... oops, currently known as Cheese deBurger. ;-)