Friday, December 11, 2009

Fuck, I'm brilliant.

Sometimes, my own blinding geniusity just scares me. Recall my sage pontificating back here. Read it slowly. Make sure you grok it completely.

Take it away, "Kitchener Conservative":

Hey Mikey, Jacko, and Gil-baby:


Not one Canadian (aside from maybe Liberal and New Democrat, or Bloc partisans) gives a crap what may or may not have happened to members of Taliban AFTER they were transferred from Canadian officials!

Predicting how the Blogging Tories are going to behave is about as challenging as watching one of those really bad sitcoms where the guy makes a date with two women for the same evening, and they end up at the same movie multiplex where the guy tries to take the babes to two different flicks at the same time, and you're not totally sure how it's going to turn out but you know it's going to be awkward and completely unfunny.

It's kind of like watching the Blogging Tories grapple with a moral and ethical dilemma. You're not sure exactly how it's going to end, you just know it's going to be ugly and an hour or two of your life you'll never get back.

THE HILARITY THAT ALWAYS ENSUES: I dearly love this philosophizing from "KC":

"Not one Canadian (aside from maybe Liberal and New Democrat, or Bloc partisans) gives a crap ..."

Here, let me tighten that up a bit:

"Not one Canadian (aside from people who don't agree with me) gives a crap about things I don't give a crap about."

It's bad enough that, in "KC"s world, all surveys have a sample size of one. It's even more unfortunate when that entire sample is 100% retarded.


Metro said...

Not one Canadian ... save a majority of the population ...

Judas smeggin' priest. I can't watch this stuff anymore.

Luna said...

But Metro, Libs, New Dems and the Bloc? Not real Canadians.