Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Steve Janke: Fuck you.

The Premature eJankulator can't be bothered to know what he's talking about:

Interesting: A Liberal blogger who rips up Conservatives for being upset, but can't spare a few words to say the photo is actually wrong. His silence on that point speaks volumes. A living example of what I mean. But please, continue to pretend his sort don't have jobs within the Liberal Party too.

Let me enlighten you, Steve, you ignorant twatwaffle. I am not, and have never been, a "Liberal blogger." I am not, in any way, affiliated with the Liberal Party of Canada, and I most emphatically do not have a "job within the Liberal Party" of any form whatsoever.

So, Steve, howzabout you correct the record, retract that claim, apologize for having made it, then fuck off? In whatever order you want.

P.S. I'm not done with Steve yet. I'm thinking that metaphorically leaving his head on a pike at the city gates is up next.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the eJankulator is keeping up his streak of being completely wrong of every subject...

liberal supporter said...

For how many seconds was the bad picture actually on the site? I can only find copies of it now on BT sites. Why do the BTs continue to want to give some psycho ideas? Maybe they want regime change of their own.

Has the site admin tracked who actually posted the pic? I'm thinking the climategate hackers, in the pay of the far right, would be a good guess.

Anyone under 40 could easily not recognize the picture as a famous shooting, and let it pass, if there was even a human checking.

The timing is certainly useful to the CPC, as they flail around for some way to avoid responsibility for the flailing with cables of prisoners of war.

Anonymous said...

A cursory google search offers up at least two other versions of the satire - one with Saddam Hussain's head where PMSH's is and another that puts Obama in front of the gun. Not very original. Been there, seen that. Any of these Free Speech loving Blogging Tories have any objections to THOSE images floating around the internet?

Thing is, the picture was never framed as anything other than a photoshop contest to see who could depict the craziest place Stephen Harper would rather be than taking action on climate change. It didn't stand out among the other entries which all looked equally a little lame to be honest. Certainly it's no worse than anything the cpconny machine has been doing all along.

The image was retracted with an apology. Good grief, fly be free, let it go.

Ti-Guy said...

I love how the priss is outraged...OUTRAGED, I say!

Wanke: Liar, cocksucker and all around waste of time.

liberal supporter said...

Based on the premise of the contest, despite it's inappropriateness, it is probably true that Harper would rather be shot than take action on climate change. Because, if he did, as a failed patsy, he likely would be shot by some tar baron's flunkie with terminal cancer.

Anonymous said...

So if that's nothis pic wharf does he look like?