Friday, December 04, 2009

Dear bocanut: Blow me.

This is a stupid commenter commenting stupidly. And this is the subsequent savage towel snap to the nads.

Canada's progressives: Still totally right about everything.

P.S. And remember, ladies ... he's single.

AFTERSNARK: Canada's wanks would like you to know that the fact they were spectacularly wrong with respect to this accusation is of no import:


So what. These errors were not central to the fact that Colvin did not have a high level of situational awareness.

Check back tomorrow when another of Canada's wingnut community presumes to lecture the rest of us on the subject of "awareness." After which they'll lecture us on science. Or maybe ethics. Whichever's funnier.

FEB 2010 UPPITY DATE: I have to say, bocanut, this really creepy, obsessive behaviour of yours in the comments section is probably not going to win over a lot of the babes. Consider that free advice.

And ladies? Make sure your friends know where you are for the evening. Consider that free advice as well.


Ti-Guy said...


I see Douglas Coupland's condemnation of hippie sellouts is as relevant today as it was back in the 80's.

thwap said...

Bocanut being single, he might take you up on that blow-job thingy.


Southern Quebec said...

No profession, but stands next to his BBQ for a photo. He's the catch of the day!

bocanut said...

Wow ,now it's "several" trips outside the wire?
Colvin,the new Perry Mason.

double nickel said...

Damn. I have no witty response to boca's cutting remarks. He's just too clever for us, folks.

CC said...

Yes, he's a rhetorical marvel, isn't he? "The fact that I've been proven wrong only proves how right I am."


Jennifer Smith said...

I cannot tell you sick I am of this guy. And now he's picking on my friends! These kids just set up their blog a week ago, and he's already over there laying down turds.