Friday, December 18, 2009

Conservative MPs want Liberals to die slowly and painfully.

Into the wayback machine, Sherman:

During the conference call, when someone informed participants that there was a [listeriosis] victim in Prince Edward Island, [Conservative MP and Agriculture Minister Gerry] Ritz joked he hoped it was Wayne Easter - a Liberal MP from P.E.I.

That was just a joke, though. Not serious. Get over it. Really.

BONUS TRACK: Cherniak_WTF reminds us of those playful little scamps in the Conservative Party:

In the recording, MacDonnell said the isotope issue is "confusing to a lot of people."

"But it's sexy," Ms. [Lisa] Raitt said. "Radioactive leaks. Cancer."

Yeah. Cancer. "Sexy." If only Photoshop had been involved. What fun we would have had.


Anonymous said...

But it's different when the do it (and even go further than the Liberals have),... why? Because it always is...

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe the Liberals should post jokes about cancer victims dying and how they will save them at the last minute and be heros or something...

Already done? Oh sorry