Saturday, December 19, 2009

... and there's that other shoe.

Torture? What torture? Oh ... that torture (emphasis nad-grindingly added):

Canada's troops investigated for Afghan abuse

Canada's military police have been quietly investigating allegations for more than a year that the country's troops abused Afghan detainees, CBC News has learned.

Canadian soldiers captured the detainees sometime in 2008 and the investigation into their conduct has been ongoing for at least a year.

And here it comes, the payoff:

It was uncovered in documents obtained by CBC News. The documents were written for Defence Minister Peter MacKay in March to prepare him for question period.

Yeah, that's gonna be awkward.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Petey was too busy getting the taste of weed and hooker spit out of his mouth first....

It's not like the boy actually reads... and given the "law and order" panty wetting "Reform Party of Canada." BT there is no need to explain any logical disconnect...