Saturday, December 05, 2009

And remember, ladies ... he's single!

A couple kids in Halton care enough about the planet to do something about it. And that's when things go horribly, horribly wrong in the comments section:


Who’s paying for your trip?

No taxpayer funding for your escapade?
Knock yourselves out then ,but, don’t ever presume you speak for the Canadian people because of a skewered [sic] poll.
Have you not heard of “Climategate”?
Hope you didn’t have tickets for Al Gore’s lecture...

Rationality and logic should tell you that tossing billions of taxpayers dollars to China, India and Al Gore won’t solve a thing.

Yes, that would be bocanut, bolstering his reputation as a total dick, knowing as we do how women these days are attracted to the creepily trollish and illiterate.

BONUS TRACK: By the way, bocanut, you better hope none of those chicks know how to use Teh Google:

Yeah, that's going to make that first date a bit awkward, isn't it, boca?


Kelseigh said...

I'm starting to think he has a chemical imbalance or something.

sooey said...

That'd be ironic if it was caused by climate change, eh?

Ti-Guy said...


In my university days we worked hard whenever we could ,saved and travelled to Mexico primarily to soak in the rays and bang American girls on the beach.

Today's conservative, ladies and gentlemen.

CK said...

Ti-Guy, these Conservative boys don't have much to look forward to these days. I mean, look what they have to work with: Denyse O leary, Wendy Girl on the Wrong Sullivan, Kathy Shiddle and Dodo.

Pitiful; truly pitiful.

sooey said...

More likely getting banged in a Mexican prison.

What a liar.

Ti-Guy said...

More likely getting banged by Rosie Palm and her five sisters.

Honestly, he has the face of the person Catholics are warned we'll become if we touch ourselves in an impure manner.

sooey said...

Probably because of his bad times in Mexican prisons.

It's nice he's created false memories to comfort himself with, though.

Ti-Guy said...

Mexican prisons are weird. My cousin got put in one for women overnight for being drunk and disorderly. It was part of a woman's house.

sooey said...

Is she sure it wasn't just a Mexican B&B?

Ti-Guy said...

Maybe it was. She was doing a lot of peyote back then.

syncrodox said...

Well...that pretty much makes the ultimate case for AGW.....Fucking brilliant and seemingly without the benefit of peyote...


bocanut said...

CC said:
"Yes, that would be bocanut, bolstering his reputation as a total dick, knowing as we do how women these days are attracted to the creepily trollish and illiterate."

Perhaps you should be wondering what women think of someone who would call them "cunts and douchebags" to try and make a point?

CC said...

If they're the ones who are the cunts and douchebags, boca, I can assure you I don't spend a lot of time agonizing over their opinions. But other people might start to wonder about your relentless defense of loathsome bigots and racists like Kate McMillan, Kathy Shaidle and Wendy Sullivan.

I'm thinking this is starting to say a lot more about you than it does about me, boca, sweetie. It's just a thought.

bocanut said...

Let's get this straight.

Are you publically accusing
Wanda Watkins,Kate McMillan,Kathy Shaidle, Connie Fournier, Sandy Crux, Suzanne Fortin,Wendy Sullivan and Cheryl Gallant of being"loathsome bigots and racists"who deserve to be called "cunts and douchebags"because you don't agree with their views?
Just a thought,be very careful.

KEvron said...

they're all cunts, boacunt, and so are you.


CK said...

KEvron: they're all cunts, boacunt, and so are you.

Not only are they cunts, they're desperate to attract those Blogging tory boys.

CC said...

Say, bocanut, here's a thought. Why don't you go through that list and very carefully enumerate precisely which of those people I have described that way?

And here's another thought or two, boca. Kate McMillan once told drug addicts to share their needles so they would die, and she condoned fencing off Angola and simply letting AIDS run rampant and kill everyone there. On top of all that, she's a neo-Nazi supporter. Kate McMillan is a horrible cunt.

Wendy Sullivan once wrote that Canada's aboriginals spend 364 days a year "smoking, drinking and fucking their daughters." Wendy Sullivan is a horrible cunt.

One can't even begin to document the horrific bigotry and racism of Kathy Shaidle, but I'll be happy to give it a shot if you really need me to. Kathy Shaidle is a vile, loathsome, horrible cunt.

As for some of those other names you listed, I suggest you very, very carefully demonstrate where I described them as such. And I'd be very, very, careful about proving those contentions with actual links. Either that, or you might want to think about retracting those particular accusations.

You're not really very bright, are you, boca?

CC said...

By the way, bocanut, I'm amused that you warn me to "be very careful" with my choice of answer. Do you somehow think you've rhetorically boxed me into a corner here or something? Seriously? That's very amusing.

CC said...

KEvron opines:

"they're all cunts, boacunt, and so are you."

Now, now, KEv, let's be careful here. I did not, in fact, describe all of the people in boca's list that way. He's simply being sloppy and conflating numerous posts, so I'm letting him hang himself before I lower the boom on his nads. Again.

boca really is too stupid to understand when he's digging a massive hole for himself. But I am getting precariously close to losing patience with his defamation.

bocanut said...

Are you saying that all the women you've called "cunts and douchebags" on your site aren't loathsome bigots and racists?
Are there different qualifications for and the other?

CC said...

Curiously, boacunt, despite your persistent accusations, a search of my entire blog for the verbatim phrase "cunts and douchebags" (precisely as you've written and quoted it) shows exactly no hits.

Why am I not surprised that you're that fucking stupid? And dishonest. Or do you simply not know what quotes are for?

CK said...

Kate mcmillan, now that's a scary one: didn't know how nutso until you brought it up, CC.

I never really ventured onto her blog; the title Small Dead Animals and a pic of a dead rodent on its' back in the grass already indicated someone with mental health issues.

I work for Youth Protection Agency where we also take care of Young Offenders. If any kids showed as much interest in dead animals as Kate did, they would be sent automatically to get treatment; serious psycho-social treatment.

Julia said...

i reckon there is definately a screw loose somewhere