Thursday, December 17, 2009

And here's where we juxtapose ...

Here's Blogging Tory "BC Blue," whining piteously about what other people choose to report on. And here's TGB's Boris, yanking down about a million pairs of soiled, terror-stained panties and paddling those pathetic, whiny asses in public.

And that's why you read the Progressive Bloggers. And why, after the Blogging Tories leave, you generally need a carpet cleaner to remove those unsightly urine stains from the hall carpet.

: I'm amused by BC Blue's bitching and moaning about Wherry's alleged obsession with the detainee issue. Logic suggests that Wherry continues to write about it because people keep showing up to read it. And Macleans, being a profit-making enterprise, understands the financial benefits of giving readers what they want. In short, Macleans knows what sells and it's giving the market what it wants.

Why does BC Blue hate capitalism and free markets?

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Ti-Guy said...

Notice the same old cocksuckers and cunts commenting over at BC Blue: Wilson, Fay, Blame Crash, CanadianSense.

wv: "cusshatr" No joke!