Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ah, the dumbassitude of the Ezraness.

Dr. Dawg nicely covers the recent KAIROS-related thuggery of the Reform Party of Canada, but nothing compares to the screeching stupidity of the Official Jew's Official Jew Ezra Levant:

A quick visit to KAIROS's website shows that their most important goal now is not actually anything to do with religion, let alone with Christianity. It's about getting back to the taxpayer trough. I say let them raise their own money through bake sales, like everybody else's church or synagogue has to do.

Yes, Ezra ... those tax-exempt churches and synagogues. That leech off of the Canadian taxpayer's dollar.

Honestly, is it physically possible to be stupider than Ezra Levant? Oh, wait ... Maria. Never mind.

P.S. As my contribution to public intellectual discourse this holiday season, I propose that everyone follow my lead and begin referring to the minority government currently squatting in Parliament and soiling the carpeting as the "Reform Party of Canada." Seriously. Time to call a spade a spade.


double nickel said...

RP of C works for me. Hey it rhymes too!

Pacanukeha said...

I prefer the

Conservative Reform Alliance Party

after all, they chose the name themselves.