Friday, November 06, 2009

Here, let me save you some time.

Shorter every screechy wingnut on the planet: "See, I told you that all Muslims were murderous scum! To be fair and balanced, I should probably juxtapose that with the 168 people slaughtered by white, American Christian Timothy McVeigh ... oh, gosh, would you look at the time?"

LET THE STUPID BEGIN: Unsurprisingly, we have Canada's Blogging Tories, getting stuff wrong already:

The shooter was Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim psychiatrist in the US Army. He was a convert to Islam, ...

And then there's reality:

Contrary to prior reports, Hasan has "always been Muslim" and is not a recent convert.

Not that facts have ever mattered much to those blithering yahoos.


Ti-Guy said...

Ezra Levant must be really happy all those people were killed. It really help with his campaign to vilify Muslims.

sassy said...

Yes Ti-Guy, EL probably thinks he died and went to heaven.

Backseat Blogger said...

to be perfectly fair to the Blogging Tories, they were basing their comments on early press reports that did inded indicate that the shooter was a convert to Islam. You are basing your snark on later, more accurate reports.

Of course, their postings do indicate the error of going off half cocked. :)

CC said...

Yes, BB, what's up with that annoying habit of mine of waiting patiently until all the facts are in so I don't look like an idiot?

Why, the nerve.

sooey said...

What does it matter if he's Muslim or not anyway?