Sunday, November 22, 2009

Canada's idiot wankers: 0 for infinity.

It occurs to me that, for the entertainment value, we here in Not-Batshit-Crazyville should put together a list of the ways in which Canada's drooling wingnuts have been wrong about, well, everything. And a delightful list it would be, quite a bit gleaned from the archives here at CC HQ.

So ... what have the residents of Retard-o-ville managed to be completely, totally and utterly wrong about over the last little while? Oh, my, where can we start?

  • Jews and Iran and badges

  • police provocateurs at Montebello

  • no Conservative deficit

  • no climate change

  • no evidence for Afghani torture of detainees handed over by the Canadian military

  • Sarah Palin being a dangerously shrewd and articulate politician

  • that Robert Dziekanski guy had it coming

Really, I'm not even fully awake and I could rattle those off the top of my head. Should we continue? Seriously, feel free to drop a note in the comments section as to what should be added to the list. I'm thinking it could be our version of Sandy Crux's "Harper Government Accomplishments," except we could call it "Canada's Wankers' Totally Embarrassing Cockups and Clusterfucks Because They're Idiots." And, unlike the Sandy Crux Chronicles, it wouldn't be utter shash.

The comments section is now open. Go wild.


Southern Quebec said...

All those brown Canadians stranded overseas...they must have done SOMETHING!!!!

M@ said...

More specifically, SQ, "If Suaad Hagi Mohamud didn't want to get put in prison, she never should have gone home to Kenya."

Oh, here's another one: coalitions are unconstitutional and wrong. (But proroguing parliament to avoid a confidence is just fine.)

Anonymous said...

- The nuclear isotopes issue

sooey said...

Cribbing from CanWest, looks like to me.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the latest from the Raging Tory

Turns out I had serotonin withdrawal, due to some mess ups with an anti-depressant I'm on. All good, now. Be back Monday, especially to talk about the new proof that "global warming" is nothing but a sham.

It can only get better....

Now I really miss the Gun Registry...

Robert McClelland said...

No list like this would be complete without the addition of WMDs and "greeted as liberators" in Iraq.

CC said...

All amusing examples, but I'm trying to narrow it down to more recent examples that involve 1) howling, hysterical, specific claims of some kind, followed shortly thereafter by 2) total and utter refutation.

You get the idea. Carry on, then.

Robert McClelland said...

Okay, here's a fresh one.

The howling:
This is one of the most despicable acts a person can commit. The willful vandalizing of a memorial to those who fought and died for freedom cannot be tolerated, and those responsible should be prosecuted.
The vandalizing of a memorial to our veterans is equivalent to assault in my eyes. It goes beyond disrespect. Whoever did this should be imprisoned in solitary confinement.

More howling here and here.

The refutation:
Damage at the provincial cenotaph in Fredericton might not have been the work of vandals as initially thought, police say.
It's possible the three-metre granite cross atop the monument fell over on its own because of structural flaws, said Const. Ralph Currie.