Friday, April 10, 2009

Those were the days, eh, Jimbo?

May 30, 2008:

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says although Canada's real gross domestic product edged down in the first quarter of 2008, he doesn't think the economy will slip into a recession.

April 3, 2009:

"Relatively speaking this is a mild economic recession. We will come out of this strongly. We are able to withstand this," Flaherty added.

April 9, 2009:

Flaherty said the downturn has hurt many companies and the job losses will likely continue in the coming months.

The Stephen Harper Party of Canada: Totally making shit up as they go along.

AFTERSNARK: From that last link:

"Listen, this is a very serious time!" a frustrated Flaherty said sternly. "All of these issues being raised about jobs, about pensions, about whether or not General Motors can survive and in what form, and whether Chrysler Canada Ltd. can survive and in what form, these are very major questions that are being discussed right now in a serious way."

"We're grownups! We are, we are, we are! And you're all a bunch of mean poopyheads!"

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sooey said...

What happened to the ol' timey days stories about making do with less?