Friday, April 03, 2009

Stephen Harper: Just another worthless, lying fucker.

Who among us didn't see this coming?

P.S. Make sure you appreciate the disgusting dishonesty on display here:

The refusal represents a complete reversal of the government's written promise of three months ago to issue Mr. Abdelrazik an emergency passport if he had a paid-for ticket home. Mr. Abdelrazik remains stranded in the lobby of the Canadian embassy in Khartoum, where he has living for nearly 11 months, granted “temporary safe haven” by former Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier.

I'm guessing the sound of corks popping you hear is coming from somewhere in the vicinity of Stephen Taylor's Blogging Racists. You shouldn't expect any less.

We're not done here.


Mike said...

Lawrence Cannon is filthy cocksucker. What else needs to be said.

No one in this government can be trusted.

UU4077 said...

I suspect Section 10.1 of the Canada Passport Order in intended to keep Canadians from leaving the country. Not to keep them from getting in.

Niles said...

Heckofa job Stevie. And it *is* Stevie, since he's not letting anyone else wear anything in his government. Well, it hit the MSM, so it's got legs now. At least for a week.

I surely do wish we could hear what the ground zero embassy staff thinks of all this, but they're likely not allowed to make those sort of comments. I mean, they've had him living on Canadian 'soil' as a Canadian citizen all this time. What does this do to the entire national diplomatic corps' idea of what a Canadian citizen can expect overseas?

JABbering Stooge said...

For some reason, the Eric Bogle song Ibrahim always plays in my head whenever I read updates on this story...

Adam C said...

This is going to cost us all a lot of money when Abdelrazik gets back and sues us.