Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm sorry ... the Blogging Tories have standards!?!?

You're going to luurrvvvvvvve this, from BT member "Right as Rain":

Troofers on BT?

How the heck did this happen?

A 16 year old troofer who can't write, nor spell is on the BT blogroll? The signal-to-noise ratio just got a little lower.

Take for example this paragraph from one of his posts:
Take for example Adolf Hitler, a name that is easily matched with Evil and attrocities. No one ever looks at the harships he faced as a boy, or what he actually did to help the german people.

He then goes on to talk about Jesus, I am sure he is trying to make a point, but its hard to get to it.

In a post about Atheism being immoral and wrong:
In my opinion, atheism already contradicts itself for not believing in faith. They believe that science does not rely on faith. Completely wrong...Science does rely on faith. A scientific inquiry or theory that has been developed must be accepted by others. They must have FAITH in that theory so they can BELIEVE it is true.

Err what? No, they believe it is true not because of blind faith, but because they can prove it to be true through demonstration or observation.

Hmmm, hope he doesn't post too much. The other guys will have fun beating him to a pulp.

Dear RaR:

Are you fucking kidding me? Do you seriously think we need yet another illiterate, right-wing dingbat on the BT blogroll to make fun of you cretins? Trust me, we already have an embarrassment of retarded riches over there, what with "Hunter," Dr. Roy Eappen, "Neo Conservative," Celestial Junk's Paul Marek, the twits at The Politic, and a host of other similarly-deranged yobs and yahoos. It's not like we need another intellectual cripple on the BT blogroll to make our jobs any easier. You'll have to trust me on that one.

AFTERSNARK: Swallow your coffee before drinking in this inanity. I'm guessing that, at this point, Stephen Taylor is just getting a commission based on warm, breathing bodies.

I SWEAR TO GOD, I am not making this up:

Yes, that would be Blogging Tory "Hunter" and her post on "Vigilanties" [sic], pretentiously lecturing others on the use of spell check. The irony kills, doesn't it?

(Wag of the tail to Southern Quebec for the Hunter heads up.)


Southern Quebec said...

Come on! Hunter is good for a laugh. Today her headline is "Blah, blah...Vigilanties..."
and then tells CTV to use spell check. It doesn't get much better than this!

sooey said...

He'll change his tune when he gets his first girlfriend.

Although, he should probably quit hanging around Blogging Tories so he'll have a better chance of attracting one.

Anonymous said...

She meant, vigil panties.
peter g

Stimpson said...

That second flaw in iCare's list made me laugh so hard I stopped right there. I figured whatever came after that couldn't be nearly as funny.

the rev. paperboy said...

fish,barrel,hand grenades.

The BT must have standards - sort of a "Your IQ must be lower than the temperature in Farenheit in January to join this aggregator"