Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Canada's Bestest Blogger™ takes a smack at Barack Obama:

Softball, right over the plate:

Full text of Stephen Harper's 1997 speech

OTTAWA -- The text from a speech made by Stephen Harper, then vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, to a June 1997 Montreal meeting of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing U.S. think tank, and taken from the council's website: ...

Now, having given you a compliment, let me also give you an insult. I was asked to speak about Canadian politics. It may not be true, but it's legendary that if you're like all Americans, you know almost nothing except for your own country. Which makes you probably knowledgeable about one more country than most Canadians.

First, facts about Canada. Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it. Canadians make no connection between the fact that they are a Northern European welfare state and the fact that we have very low economic growth, a standard of living substantially lower than yours, a massive brain drain of young professionals to your country, and double the unemployment rate of the United States.

In terms of the unemployed, of which we have over a million-and-a-half, don't feel particularly bad for many of these people. They don't feel bad about it themselves, as long as they're receiving generous social assistance and unemployment insurance.

I really need more of a challenge in this job.


Ti-Guy said...

The real story is Kate linking to Charles Krauthammer's useless shriek about Obama praising Europe.

I thought Kate was all about "European" heritage?

Honestly, what a tool.

Stimpson said...

I don't think enough Canadians know about Harper's past denigration of Canada as a sad welfare state. Because if enough Canadians did know, he likely wouldn't be PM.

ContainsCaffeine said...

I had not seen the contents of this speach before. It seems like Canadians have been so caught up at blaming Bush for everything bad in the world, that we didn't keep watch on our own government. I fear for Canada. How is it that Canadian voters did not learn from the situation in the US?

In BC we are trying to move to a single transferable voting system. I feel like we need that type of system on the national level. I don't know anyone who (admits to) voted for Harper, and I just don't think he represents the majority of Canadians.

Vronvron said...

Re: Canada's Bestest Blogger™ takes a smack at Barack Obama:

"This is just the voice
of [not so] ordinary Canadian
yelling back at [Kate] -
"You don't speak for me."'