Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear grieving families of dead Canadian soldiers:

Get the fuck over yourselves.

I don't make this stuff up. I don't have to.

Stephen Taylor must be so proud.

AND WE HAVE A WINNER! It was barely an hour ago when I publicly wondered who would be enough of a classless sleazebag to reproduce my words above while downplaying the fact that they were a link that one should follow to get the gist of the post.

Boys and girls, I give you ... who the hell else who, rather than link here so readers can figure it out, simply takes a screencap and provides no link whatsoever.

How about that, Alpha Male? Did I call it or what? Man, I'm good at this.


Alpha Male said...

Ok, I can understand the point you are making... Understand that the words you used will be coming right back at you, hundred fold.

Perhaps you could have made your point in a different way, without leaving yourself open with a quote which we will be reading about for years to come?

Stimpson said...

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Yeah, that's right, Alpha. CC should just be careful what he says, or others might use it against him. He should be scared the BTs will be mean to him.

Alpha Male said...

I could give a flying fuck about the BT's and their inbred flailings...

Do try to look at this from a centerist point of view tho. A lot of folks will not be bothered with following the links. Or worse, they will be too grief stricken or too emotionally attached to the situation to recognize that CC was not attacking them, but a true retard trying to capitalize on this incident for their own gain.

Do try to look at things from outside your own view point. Understand that there will always b repercussions for things we say on something like the internet, where things can be saved forever.

I am saying what I am saying, because I actually have come to respect CC and crew... We have opposite views on Afghanistan, but hell... I have come to like the man over the years.

Tho, it was a thread, exactly like this one that drew me in the drooling, foaming idiot that I was then.

CC said...

Alpha Male has a point -- it's entirely possible that someone with no principles whatsoever will "reproduce", word for word, what I wrote above, while carefully concealing that it contained a hyperlink, in order to be able to chastise me for "saying" something so mean and classless.

Of course, that would be hideously dishonest, but it's exactly what we've come to expect from Canada's whingers. So what the heck -- let's give it some time and see if anyone is that much of a total douche.

We all know that no one over at the BTs is going to call "Neo" on his monumental indifference to dead Canadian military, and his howlingly inappropriate comparisons. But lying about what someone else wrote? Yeah, that's the sort of thing we've come to expect.

After all, it's the Blogging Tories. It's what they do.

psa said...

"a centerist point of view tho. A lot of folks will not be bothered with following the links"

careful alpha, some might interpret your comment to mean that the political centre is lazy and/or stupid.

Ti-Guy said...

You need a fresh feuding partner. That crusty old psycho Neo just repeats himself endlessly.

liberal supporter said...

Neo has stopped deleting my comments! He now leaves them and even copies them to his posts!


But he'll start deleting again, being such a consistent guy, does what he says he will, and all that bullshit.

liberal supporter said...

And right on cue, back to deletes. He must have realized he's been had. Again.

The deleted comment, responding to "rabbit":
You are making an ass of yourself.I try. But always with a purpose. In this case to continue to expose the hypocrisy here. Neo falls for it every time.

Everyone is laughing at you.Typical fright winger claiming everyone is with them. "Everyone" is on to your lies as you can see in your party's tanking.

The idea of someone being tough over the internet is ludicrous.Indeed it is. You've hit the nail on the head. Look at how the neo-coward is acting. He regularly advocates violent solutions to any issue of the day. A violent mind tends to ascribe violent intentions to all others who aren't cheering him on.

Did I mention dueling? No.
Did I mention fistfights? No.
Did I mention fightclub? No. All those are from neo or his sock puppets here.
I did mention "pissing" on neo, after describing his words as amounting to pissing on our troops. You can assume my "pissing" would be of the figurative variety as well. You see, he doesn't like hearing my words, as you can see from his campaign of deleting my words and then lying about what was said. A meeting on the overpass would take away his "delete" button, which is why he won't show up.

No need for wendy the dominatrix to run the video camera, there will be plenty of cameras there in case neo decides to get violent.

Perhaps neo would receive a physical response from the other people on the bridge who are less accustomed to neo's hypocrisy and madness. But probably not. I think he'd be smart enough to leave the pistols at home. He's a fool and I am continuing to help him make a fool of himself.

Please, for your own sake, get your lithium prescription refilled.And right on cue, the standard "you are mentally ill" routine. Do you guys never come up with better material?

Dr.Dawg said...

Do we always have to spell everything out for mouthbreathers like neo? Like "Shorter neo" in this case? Why bother?

He's either dishonest or thick, and, to be fair, I'm leaning towards the latter. But there I go being "compassionate," or whatever the word is that he always sneers at.

KEvron said...

"He's either dishonest or thick"

i take him at his word: macadamia. he's nits.


KEvron said...

lol! "nuts", of course!


Sparky said...

What CC should have stated (to make the screen cap more difficult for neo)---
"Dear grieving families of dead Canadian soldiers:
According to Neo--Get the fuck over yourselves."

See?? Problem solved...

CC said...


It wouldn't have made any difference since Neo has a history of dishonestly photoshopping stuff.

He's just a lying hack. It kind of goes with being a Blogging Tory. Just ask Stephen Taylor.