Sunday, April 05, 2009

Damian Penny comes out of the closet.

In a surprising move that is sure to get him disinvited from this year's Blogging Tories "Black people are stupid and they smell bad" senior prom and cotillion in Delisle, Saskatchewan, Damian Penny is the first Blogging Tory to come out for decency and fairness and standing up for Canadians:

Bring Abousfian Abdelrazik home

Dr. Dawg has been hammering away at this story for quite some time, and now James Bow and even Jay Currie have joined in. And I have to agree, it is getting outrageous: ...

Um ... you "have" to agree that it's "getting" outrageous, Damian? Getting outrageous? Abdelrazik, a Canadian citizen, has been stuck in Sudan for six years now and, lately, he's been living in the Canadian embassy there while Stephen Harper and his Harperettes have sadistically toyed with him, and lied to him, and broken promises to him, and moved goalposts on him, and you've finally and courageously decided it's time to break ranks and announce that things are "getting" outrageous?

Now you decide to speak up, Damian?

Here's a thought, Damian. How about you just go back to making fun of Barack Obama and teleprompters, or denying climate change, or being ignorant of biological evolution, or whatever it is you folks over there at Stephen Taylor's collection of illiterate, racist, slack-jawed retards do, and leave the heavy lifting on this one to the folks who've been working it from the beginning? You know, the ones who got together and bought Abdelrazik a plane ticket, when your Conservative government threatened anyone who offered to pitch in and help out Abdelrazik financially.

Really, Damian, we here in the Progress-o-sphere have this under control, so don't strain yourself. We've been on this for a while now and we think we have a handle on the situation but, if we need your assistance, really, we'll let you know.

In the meantime, you folks who've actually been putting some effort into this when it mattered should go read James Bow. Because James Bow is worth reading. And Damian Penny is not. But I suspect you'd figured that out by now.

SDRAWKCAB: Watching Damian Penny show up to provide moral support now reminds one of the classic fight scene from the British comedy series "Red Dwarf," when the boys end up on an alternate Earth where everything runs backwards, and the episode culminates in a bar room brawl where all the damage is restored to order, after which pathological coward Arnold Rimmer emerges from cowering under his table to take credit for his own bravery and courage:

Damian "Arnold Rimmer" Penny. Yeah, that works for me.

OH. MY. You have to love this comment over at Damian's:

Comment by Brian:

" ... Bow gets it exactly right:
...If you {PM Harper] truly believe that Mr. Abdelrazik retains terrorist connections, then he should be brought back to Canada to face trial as a Canadian citizen ..."

Fair trial ? The left would scream if he was even charged . Canada's problem is there is no mechanism to revoke a citizenship. Oh ... and just what was this angle [sic] doing during his time out of Canada ?

You're right in one sense, Brian ... it really is a damned shame we can't strip some people of their Canadian citizenship. God knows, I have a list ...


Somena Woman said...

I've noticed this in the past, and may even have commented... but sometimes CC, I think you set up the Blogging Tories so that there is no way they can do the right thing.
Ok.. so they ignore this issue for months.. and you mock them for it..
Now that they DO come out -- you mock them for not doing it sooner...

I understand why the Blogging Tories are so FRUSTRATING -- Belive me - Oh Lord, I *get* the douchebaggery in spades

I just wonder if you are expecting WAY WAY too much from these people.

Aside from resigning from the Blogging Tories -- what could a blogging tory do to convince people that they are NOT total douchebags at this point?

CC said...

SW writes:

"I just wonder if you are expecting WAY WAY too much from these people."

I expect nothing from these people, except for them to act like the dishonest, hypocritical douchebags they are. And they never disappoint. And as to how they could convince people otherwise, when it comes to this case, it's too late for that.

The fact that not a single Blogging Tory (and especially colossal fraud Stephen Taylor) stood up for Abdelrazik when it might have made a difference told us everything we needed to know.

The fact that only now some of Canada's shrieky wanks are starting to come around means nothing more than that they realize what they look like in the court of public opinion, and they're simply being opportunistic in trying to join the parade to try to rehabilitate their reputations.

In short, there's nothing they can do to salvage their reps on this issue. They made it clear that they didn't give a shit when other people did, and for them to try to pretend they care now says nothing about their compassionate conservatism but everything about their crass, political opportunism and pathetic sense of timing.

P.S. As I type this, Stephen "Democracy Boy" Taylor has yet to write anything on this topic, and I'm willing to bet he never does. Because taking a stand for an exiled Canadian citizen has nothing to do with hanging out at the better dinner parties in Ottawa. And as we all know, of those two priorities, one of them is higher on Stephen's list than the other.

I'll let you guess which one.