Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Their standards are much lower, you see.

Oh, look:

There is, of course, some debate as to what it means to be the "best" conservative blog, but I'm guessing there's no penalty for being an uncritical maroon and gullible twatwaffle. I suspect that would have skewed the results horribly.


Ti-Guy said...

Ace of Spades = Small Dead Animals.

That's about right. If her competition were,, well let's posit a conservative blog run by a sane person for the sake of argument...I'd seriously question my grasp of reality.

chris said...

Ezra Levant won best Canadian blog.

Balbulican said...

Even better: Canadian Sentinel came sixth.

Add this to the list of lists I never, never, never want to be part of.

Ti-Guy said...

These contests are a sham. Just a way to get thousands of clicks for the ad revenue to role in.

Adam C said...

Do they freep their own popularity contests?

Luna said...

I think being an "uncritical maroon and gullible twatwaffle" actually gains them points. I mean, is there any other explanation for that?