Thursday, January 15, 2009

The silence of the Twatsy.

Yes, yes, I'm well aware that slapping around Twatrick is as intellectually satisfying as mocking the kids at the Special Olympics but, what the hell, his nads are hanging out there just begging to be whacked so let's have at them.

History teaches us that when Twatsy is running off at the mouth incessantly, then suddenly goes quiet, it's because he's been caught in flagrante bullshito and is now poring over his Twatsosaurus, desperately trying to find a new and exciting way to mangle the English language so that he can claim he "won" his latest "debate."

Such is undoubtedly the case here where the Twatster briefly forgot himself and bullshat thusly:

And on August 23, 2008, the time when your boy Lindsay Stewart was claiming there was a deficit, that deficit was...

...A surplus.

Wrong on the very same day he posted it. Hey, don't look at me. It's not my fault.

Note carefully the accusation that Twatsy is making -- that on August 23, 2008, my co-blogger PSA was claiming that Canada was currently running a deficit. To help you out, I'm assuming that this is the post to which Twats is referring, and the challenge is laying out there on the table: provide a specific reference to where PSA is claiming that Canada is running a deficit at the time of that post.

Sadly, one is not expecting an actual answer from the Twatster. Rather, one is expecting more of the same, "ROTFL! Oh, man, you people are such retards! Blar-har-har-har!!", with nary a hint of a link or supporting evidence of his claim. But this is Twatsy we're talking about, so it's not like this will come as any kind of surprise.

So, Twats ... still waiting for that reference. Whenever you're ready.

P.S. This is why we mock them. But you knew that, right?

BONUS SMACKDOWN AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: At one point, I was considering having an award for the most breathtakingly douchebaggy pronouncement of 2008 from a Canadian wank, and I was heavily leaning towards Blogging Tory "Hunter" and the priceless:

What was gained? Nothing, except showing how scared the lefties are of Sarah Palin.

That fear being manifested in us "lefties" sitting on the edges of our seats, waiting breathlessly for the next Sarah Palin meltdown moment and begging dear God to give that ignorant hillbilly hick as much airtime as physically possible. "All Sarah, all the time" -- that was our motto.

But, really, you won't do any better than the Twatster here:

... as it stands now, there is no deficit, and there won't be ...

"And there won't be." Yeah, that's going to take a while to live down, eh, Twats?

Movin' on ...


thwap said...

What's pathetic is he still crows about this "victory" when fuck-up Flaherty and harpo are now clearly in deficit territory.

Once again, due to misguided tax-cuts that have done zero for resuscitate the economy.

Stimpson said...

What's pathetic is simply that he's always claiming "victory" like an insecure adolescent.

CC said...

Still waiting for the Twatster to drop by and entertain us. He must really be working at how to spin his stupidity so that he doesn't look so, you know, stupid.

We should take bets on how he tries to make this all our fault. It should be immensely entertaining.

And remember the words of the Twatster: "there is no deficit, and there won't be". And I'm fairly sure we all know how that worked out, don't we?

CC said...

Oh, and there was the time Twatwaffle lied about Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar. But that's pretty much our Twatsy -- a pathological liar.

Oh, yeah ... and a pedophile. I almost forgot to mention that. Twatsy's a pedophile.