Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Kill the Jews?" OK, if you insist.

Over at Stephen Taylor's Blogging Retards, Israel fluffer "shlemazl" is seriously put out that some folks can't separate not liking Israel's current policy of Palestinian ethnic cleansing from simply not liking Jews:

Apparently the only way a Turkish basketball team can win a game is by having thousands of "fans" invade the court, assault the players of the visiting Israeli team while screaming "Allah Akbar" and "Kill the Jews" [source].

So let me make sure I understand this, because this is important.

On the one hand (and according to schlemiel), it's eminently unfair to oppose Israel's current military invasion and mass slaughter of Gazans and to express that displeasure by taking it out on people just because they're Jewish because that's, well, wrong, and we should be mature enough to be able to distinguish between (justifiable?) political disagreement and downright anti-Semitism. So far, so good?

On the other hand (and if I understand this correctly), any leftist criticism of Israeli military policy is indistinguishable from simple racism and is clearly anti-Semitic because, well, those are like totally the same thing, and if you're opposed to Israel's current military adventure, that's just 'cuz you hate Jews.

Do we all see the annoying double standard here?

Apparently, those on the Right who get absolutely moist over everything Israel-related are allowed to lecture the rest of us on how it's terribly, terribly important to intellectually separate those two issues -- not liking Israel politically (acceptable?) versus just not liking Jews (bad).

Conversely, though, we on the Left have no similar intellectual freedom since any criticism of Israel is clearly and unequivocally because we're just anti-Semites. Which inspires me to give schlamozzle a bit of free advice: If you constantly and relentlessly conflate being anti-Israel with being anti-Semitic, you have absolutely no moral grounds to complain when people finally start taking you seriously. See how that works?

*Sigh*. I didn't think so. And no, we're not quite done here. But coffee calls.

AFTERSNARK 1: Shorter Israel fluffers: "It's positively outrageous to take out your political opposition on innocent civilians and citizens that have nothing to do with the military action that offends you."

Please tell me I don't have to explain the hypocrisy therein.

AFTERSNARK 2: Shorter Israel fluffers: "As soon as we lecture everyone on how they shouldn't tar an entire citizenry for the actions of its government, we can go back to insulting the French. Fucking cheese-eating surrender monkeys, the lot of them."

AFTERSNARK 3: As KEvron points out in the comments section over at schlamozzle's, schlamozzle whines about unfair and wide-sweeping derisive generalizations toward an entire ethnic demographic in a post entitled, "Turks Suck." And then he gives the finger to "Turks and Europeans." I'd totally missed that.


sooey said...

They need qualifiers. Here: Israel is nowhere near as bad as the United States, or even Canada - since we're rahrahing the indiscriminate murder of Palestinians for no good reason. At least Israel has been fired on by Hamas. What's our excuse?

Ti-Guy said...

Unpacking that authoritarian, Soviet-traumatised lunatic's commentary to analyse the content for evidence of logic, reason and fact always ends up costing me a few IQ points.

Stimpson said...

News reports say the Israeli government is ready to accept a ceasefire. For which I'm sure it will be praised regardless of having killed 1,000-plus, one-third of them children.

KEvron said...

i'm working on a post about david berkowitz, tentatively titled "jews suck". too subtle?


Frank Frink said...

I love how he describes himself in his profile as a "Professional Jew".

Are the other options semi-pro, amateur, journeymen, apprentice and/or novice?

OK, I'm off to go add "Journeymen French-Canadian" to my blogger profile.

Oy! wv (and this is far too spooky and a little too close for comfort) = "Mossed". Just substitute 'a' for 'e' if you gnome sane.

Frank Frink said...

KEv, where I grew up they 'blow'.

KEvron said...

"where I grew up they 'blow'."

now, that's just plain ol' anti-semitic.


KEvron said...

ah! "douchenazl"!


wv = "hydro". uncanny!

Wayne said...

You all sound like David Duke

You leftist march with any Nazis.... Oh right......Calgary.... never mind.

psa said...

hey its the cheerleader from team echo playing the godwin card. wayne, please, develop some form of critical thinking you droning idjit.

KEvron said...

"You all sound like David Duke"

when muffled by a white hood, we all sound alike.


Wayne said...

"when muffled by a white hood, we all sound alike." True that.

KEvron said...

lol! wayne used the word "true"!


Marky Mark said...

Let's come out with a Canadian Blogosphere Manifesto re: how to talk about Israel/Palestine without allowing false charges of Jew hating but also without allowing the real deal to prey upon the discussion.

Wayne said...

Marky Mark: Do you think there is fair comment and opinion here, or is it hate speech?

Wayne said...

PSA: When I see video of people saying "Jews to the Gas" or "Olmert-Hitler, you're the same, the only difference is the name." Don't pull godwin on me.

Me a cheerleader, what have Egypt, Jordan and Syria been doing?

To me you sound like a droning propagandist not a critical thinker.

Marky Mark said...

Sorry Wayne-is not hate speech.

KEvron said...

"....a Canadian Blogosphere Manifesto re: how to talk about Israel/Palestine without allowing false charges of Jew hating but also without allowing the real deal to prey upon the discussion."

you're still struggling with the first part, troll.


Anonymous said...

How is the ISIS-Hmas-Iran-Hezbollah-Boko Haram thing working out for you leftist fools? As you spend your days demonizing Israel guess who is slaughtering Christians, beheading, cage and burning, mass rape and killing, etc? Leftist dhimmi idiots!