Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Here are my friends Daddy Long Legs with their Maple Blues Award for Best New Artist! These cats can lay it down, they write their own material (not that common in the blues genre) and they are excellent folk. Come festival season, make an effort to catch them live.

And Junior (in the red shirt sporting the righteous mutton chops) makes an appearance playing harp on my recording which should be available in March or April. Just saying.


Beijing York said...

Congrats to Daddy Long Legs! I remember voting for them when you mentioned the competition.

I will keep my eye out for them, although honestly, I'm not a huge blues fan. Had more than enough of my fill doing a 9 hour drive from Prince Albert with back to back blues programming on the CBC.

Anyway, keep us posted on your CD release.

Ti-Guy said...

Sorry, the mutton chops have got to go. As well as the facial pubes the guy to his left is sporting.

I'm cracking down...

psa said...

ti... you're so strict.