Monday, September 04, 2023

Tamara Lich bingo! Fun for the whole family!

Given the imminent trial of Freedom Convoy dingbat Tamara Lich, and the inevitable pandering, gorge-inducing news coverage, we here at CC HQ have produced a Tamara Lich bingo card to cover the upcoming, nauseating media fellatio of Lich that should start tomorrow:

Play along at home and win valuable prizes.

No, no, just kidding. Like we're going to give you prizes.


Anonymous said...

One paragraph quoting her tour/book promotions practically fills out the card by itself. You did miss her self-description as part of a group of "real Canadians" which might be better than "Proud Canadian" but considering Lich was in an Alberta separatist party, neither one really applies to her.

Looks like the Democracy Fund is just paying for Lich's expenses while JCCF covers Barber's (at least that is implied, but who knows?) Maybe Ezra thinks Lich has a better chance of gettig off than Barber. But I daresay Barber might benefit from Greenspon's proximity.

"Earlier this year, an organization called the Democracy Fund assumed fundraising responsibility for Ms. Lich’s legal bills for her criminal trial. Their website notes that Ms. Lich retained Lawrence Greenspon, one of Ottawa’s top lawyers, who is “accustomed to handling complex and serious cases” and “worth every penny.”

JCCF president John Carpay said the Justice Centre continues to receive donations for Mr. Barber’s defence and “other Canadians unjustly accused.”"

The CTV article said the Democracy Fund estimates a cost of $300,000, but for a trial lasting at least a month, I would think Greenspon would expect more.


CC said...

ValJ: Once again, how does The Democracy Fund get to hand out charitable tax receipts for donations to pay for the *criminal* trial of Tamara Lich? It's mind-boggling that absolutely no one at Canada Revenue Agency gives the slightest fuck about this egregious violation of Canadian tax laws and ongoing grift.

Brian Busby said...

No prizes! And here I was hoping to take home a Bradford Exchange commemorative Titanic plate.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the DF should not be conidered a charity but I wonder if it is politically expedient for CRA not to go after them until after the big trials are decided.
Or maybe they are just short of staff, I dunno.

@judyatrinh is live-tweeting the first day of the trial, here's good meme-fodder:

Crown: there is ample evidence that the accused actions and flagrant flouting of city bylaws can’t be argued under freedom of expression Crown will argue this protest was “anything but peacefully They didn’t “hold the line” they crossed the line