Monday, September 11, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Movin' on up to the east side?

As I mentioned in previous posts, if undischarged bankrupt and fugitive from financial accountability Patrick Ross is going to dodge and weave and evade process servers and sheriffs, I will do what it takes to track him down, and part of that involves my new network of confidential informants (CIs) in the Lloydminster area, who have agreed to keep a watch on Casa Ross and let me know of anything newsworthy, part of that newsworthiness being this curious pic from just yesterday, showing the front end of a big rig in the driveway, making one wonder if someone is either moving in or moving out:

I suspect ongoing surveillance (which, despite Patrick's pathetic bleatings, is perfectly legal if done from a public roadway) will reveal the truth.

CORRECTION: I misidentified that thing on the right; upon closer inspection, it's the front of a trailer, which means that someone is either moving in or moving out in a big way. In any event, ongoing surveillance will resolve this one way or the other.

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