Sunday, September 03, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Back in Grande Prairie?

It appears that Lloydminster's Lord Baron Twatrick von Cheeseburgermullet is once again back in the environs of Grande Prairie, judging from his diet and tacky hotel room:

This is a promising development since it suggests that Patrick is once again employed, which means more money for me to take once I track down how he gets paid without the addlepated enablement of his late father. It also means that there would be even more "after-acquired assets" that Patrick will have to disclose to his former trustee the day/month/year(?) he decides to finally file to get out of bankruptcy, when he will learn the ugly consequences of having ignored his bankruptcy obligations for the last many years.

By the way, if Patrick is indeed again working in northern Alberta, one wonders what is going on with Casa Ross in Lloydminster. Ah, well, this coming week, I will have a network of confidential informants in the Lloyd checking out the place on a regular basis and reporting back whatever is happening there.

Stay tuned.

P.S. If anyone has any leads on if/where Patrick is working these days, drop me a note. There is a history of him working at a place called "Fluidpro" as a "swamper," and, yes, the job description of that position is as unappealing as it sounds.


Anonymous said...

Patrick's Twitter account is unreadable for a couple reasons. First, his "arguments" are just him calling people stupid and claiming he won the argument. There's no attempt at actual discussion, he just dismisses people by calling them idiots.

Just as annoying, he hashtags most of his stuff as if others need to see it. He's always hashtagging #abpoli or #cdnpoli as if his rubbish is important enough to need to be publicized. It's just someone whining, "Hey, everybody, look at me, look at me!"

It's actually kinda sad.

MgS said...

Regarding the house in Lloydminster - unless the father and the family shifted the title to the kids while he was still alive, it’s going to be caught up in probate. At this particular point in time, whoever the designated personal agents (executors) are, they can’t do much until the will has been approved by the probate courts. A process that can take several months.

Bills can be paid out of the estate (e.g. property taxes, utilities, property maintenance - like cutting the lawn), but there isn’t much else they can do.

I’m not sure what the backlog in the probate courts is right now. The automated document handling system that Alberta started using in 2022 was fairly fast - a couple of months, compared to over 6 months using the “old system”. So, if the will is being processed in Alberta, things could tick along fairly quickly; if SK hasn’t adopted that system, things could be grindingly slow depending on the state of the probate courts in SK.

CC said...

MgS: This will all come out someday, that family of hillbillies can't hide this forever.

RossOwesDay said...

Twatsy is living the good life of $21 burgers and $39 hotel rooms. If only we could all be so lucky in life...

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I don't think you're going to be able to get any money from the guy.