Saturday, September 23, 2023


Here is ex-Rebeler and DSM-5 exhibit Laura Loomer, auditioning for the position of Mrs. Donald Trump:


Purple library guy said...

You'd think someone macking on someone who tried to overthrow the government would be a bit more careful about inviting big penalties for treason.

Anonymous said...

"...if the Fake News reporting is correct..."

My lord, the cognitive dissonance of the fragment of a sentence in that screenshot is so amazing, I just...I don't even know where to start. I mean, I guess it's not surprising given that it comes from the "stable genius" down south but geez... What Loomer said wasn't much better. Does she want bold leadership or Donald Trump? You can't have both.

Also, what Purple library guy said. Be careful what you wish for. In saying that, I'm not expecting much of anything to happen to Trump. To some of his minions sure, but not much is going to happen to him. I admit to being the pessimistic type, so take what I say in this regard with several shovelfuls of salt.