Sunday, September 03, 2023

Dear Mark: Fuck off and drop dead.


P.S. Take that grifting Nazi trollop with you. Thank you kindly.


Anonymous said...

Slapinski is courting the market segment that finds Patrick Ross too cerebral.

Stu said...

Fuck. I hate when fuckheads use the term "Marxist", and I wish our useless press would call them on that bullshit. Marxists? It's not even fucking wrong. If you really think that Trudeau is a Marxist you are

a) too ignorant to be allowed to vote.
b) going to get scammed
c) an asshole

Brian Busby said...

A separatist who wrapped herself in the flag.

Anonymous said...

The trial of Lich and Chris Barber starts on Tuesday. My fondest hope is that both of those callous bigots get dinged, and that they provide enough evidence for the JCCF lawyer Keith Wilson to get charged as well. If dim Eva Chipiuk is also charged, bonus!

Lich was not one of the originators of the convoy, but was brought in to help handle the money. Wilson decided she was the most photogenic (consider the other choices) and he proclaimed her the shining star of the convoy or whatever and made her its spokesperson. I imagine they have been grooming her ever since. Brigid Belton is clearly jealous.

Richard Warman complained to the Law Society of Alberta about Wilson, it is probably still in process:

And another about organizer infighting and pointing out the JCCF lawyers did not give them all good advice:


Anonymous said...

Someone tweeted a link to this story three weeks ago. It appears that back in Feb 2022 it may have been Slapinski who claimed Lich was found dead in her cell:

Tweeted by @BettyLies


Anonymous said...

As a former supporter of the freedom convoy it lost all credibility when Tamara Lich started making money off it.

Anonymous said...

Simp, she’s still not going to Fuck him.