Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Money well spent, I'm sure.

Even as Rebel News' Ezra Levant is crowing over his crushing victory over one Steven Guilbeault, one needs to scroll down to appreciate the depressing vacuity of that victory:

Sadly, then, that victory is not really going to make up for the suspected half mil that Ezra and Der Rebel had to fork out for their recent and massive legal ass-kicking.

Are donors getting charitable tax receipts for this?

P.S. Are any of Rebel News' regular supporters getting at all tired of how so much of their money is going to legal fees rather than, you know, covering the news? Especially when Ezra reluctantly admits that he just blew $90K to get $20K in return, and wants his long-suffering marks^H^H^H^H^H donors to cover the shortfall?

I need a word beyond "gullible."

BY THE WAY, there's more than a little irony in Ezra's bleating here, pretending to care about the Canadian taxpayer:

when Rebel's own accounting and fundraising arm, The Democracy Fund, has already handed out millions of dollars in charitable tax receipts, all of which has to be covered by (you guessed it) the Canadian taxpayer.

If the hypocrisy was any thicker, you could use it to beat some sense into David Menzies.


Anonymous said...

Based on what I read, this whole case is based on the people at Rebel being such vindictive, dishonest assholes online that Guilbeault blocked them from government twitter accounts. In other words, all of this could have been avoided by the people at Rebel not being such vindictive, dishonest assholes.

It amuses me that almost all of Rebel's legal woes and expenses stem from them lying about almost everything. All they need to do is stop lying, and they wouldn't have to pay all these legal fees.

Anonymous said...

But then they wouldn’t have a product.

Anonymous said...

It was a consent order; maybe some lawyer could explain what that means?
The feds chose to settle instead of fighting it more. Some fascinating details in this article including about the judge, who had ruled in Rebel's favour on a different case.