Saturday, September 09, 2023


Just to make sure I understand this, the people who are cavalierly dismissing the significance of four indictments and 91 criminal charges against Donald Trump are the same ones who were howling manically to lock up Hillary Clinton for (*checks notes*) having a private email server.

Do I have that about right?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think that's an accurate assessment of the NY Times coverage so far.

thwap said...

Hillary Clinton had a private email server so that she could take advantage of her official position to enrich herself, OR, to simply hide whatever she was doing from public scrutiny.

She later blatantly lied about having asked State Dept. legal advisors if she could do so and they gave her a green light.

The Republicans screaming about locking her up for this refused to admit that george dubya and Karl Rove did the same thing when they deleted 5 million emails. Sometimes they'd make the stupid claim that Rove swore there was nothing important in those emails anyway.

Neither of these teams are on our side. When I see so many otherwise sentient beings twisting their minds into pretzels trying to condemn or exonerate either Donald Trump/Jared Kushner or Joseph Biden and his trainwreck son, it depresses me.