Wednesday, September 13, 2023

What's on your mind?

Time for me to take a break, so y'all can vent as you please.


Dino said...

Last week I posted my fourth "Hey everybody, first post" on my fourth social media platform, since "The Shithead from South Africa" took over Twitter. (Never X.)
I am hoping BlueSky will fill the gap that Counter Social, Mastodon, and Threads hasn't, but at this point I am not beyond crossing my fingers.
Every one of these Platforms have good points, but they have huge gaps when compared to what Twitter (never X) has. (Polls, news, drafts, easy threading, ect).

To let you know what I feel when I log in to the new social media sites let me leave an example.
You need to visit Grandma in Steinbach and have a choice of five different buses, four brand spankin' shiny new outfits, and one that has been around forever.
When you inspect the new coaches you notice that despite the paint and new bus smell the buses are not complete. Some are missing seats. Some are missing wheels. One has a transmission that was salvaged from a 56 International pick up.
And the old familiar bus?
Totally comfortable and complete.
Except the driver is on meth, and headed over a cliff.

One quick extra point.
If you youngsters are into podcasting and, or, into stock market IPO's checkout the scuzzy story of the Podcast One IPO launch this week, and their take over of Kast Media.
And the best part.
The stock debuted at $8.00 Friday.
It's a well deserved $2.61 at this moment.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

RossOwesDay said...

Concerned that Skippy and the CPS are riding so high in the polls. Canadians (outside of the rural prairies) can't be so stupid and gullible, right?

Coolxenu said...

Has anyone ever seen any evidence that the Democracy Fund scam has ever relieved poverty?

They say they "fund democracy" by donating money to "qualified donees [sic]"... which means they take money that has already been donated to a tax-deductible, alleged charity and donate it to another, presumably, tax-deductible alleged charity.

How can anyone look at this tip of the iceberg of shadiness and think they are any kind of valid charity?

Also, under "Our Team", they have "Conrad Black". Does it get any more pathetic?

Also, a number of years ago,I had the distinct misfortune of crossing Xitter paths with that moron from Lloyd. He claimed I was a pedophile because I said a young girl in a picture looked like one of my nieces. He was part of the idiot brigade who were faux outraged about a film about some adolescent girls that had just come out on Netflix.

The thing that got me most about Paddy's ignorant behavior is: what kind of adult looks at any picture of a young, presumably underage, girl and immediately starts thinking sexual thoughts? Something is deeply wrong with that Patrick Ross.

That's what led me to Canada's best cynic.

CC said...

Coolxenu: Calling someone a pedophile is Patrick's immediate go-to insult. You think he would have learned his lesson but, no, he's still doing it. It's why he's an undischarged bankrupt currently living out of shitty hotel rooms and owing me over $100,000. And yet, he persists.

Some day, he's going to piss off the wrong person who is going to find him and beat the shit out of him, oh, wait, that already happened,