Friday, September 29, 2023

Ezra Levant CC HQ challenge: How much was matched?

While waiting for coffee, I will throw out another CC HQ challenge related to Ezra Levant's frivolous defamation action against me, and it involves his 2016 assurance that all donations to his Indiegogo Fort McMurray "Red Cross" fundraiser would be "matched" -- that is, turned over to the Red Cross by the hard deadline of May 31, 2016 in time to be matched both provincially and federally, effectively tripling the value of those donations.

Here's Ezra, on May 6, 2016, being absolutely clear that that money would be matched:

And here's a snippet of an email I personally received from an official at the Red Cross, disclosing precisely how much was turned over in time to be matched:

As you can see (and which I subsequently confirmed with a followup email), the amount of $60,921.00 that was not turned over until some time in June was not matched, and therefore not tripled in value, screwing the Red Cross out of double that amount, or $121,842.

To the best of my knowledge, Ezra Levant has never conceded publicly how much his vanity Indiegogo fundraiser cost the Red Cross, so I am interested in whether anyone can find a single example of Ezra, at any time on any social media platform, sheepishly admitting that his 2016 fundraiser deprived the Red Cross of well over $100,000.

So that's the second CC HQ challenge: can anyone find, anywhere, a public apology and admission from Ezra Levant as to how much money he cost the Red Cross based on the above?

Lines are open ...

BONUS TRACK: When I was questioned back in October of 2016 by Ezra's then-lawyer, the subject of matching came up and, despite Ezra knowing about the above and admitting in his Statement of Claim that he had failed to match the entire amount, here is a short exchange between his lawyer and me, wherein his lawyer (asking the question in paragraph 180) simply flat-out, bald-faced lies to me about the matching:

The above claim by Ezra's then-lawyer is simply a lie. Ezra knew he'd failed to match the entire amount, and even admitted to it in his Statement of Claim, so it's not clear why his then-lawyer thought it was a good idea to lie to me about it.



Anonymous said...

Well, strictly speaking, that weasel-wording ("Would it surprise you to find out..." is a typical ambulance chaser's an attempt to SUGGEST without committing outright perjury. It's like "What would you say if I told you...?"

CC said...

Except the immediately following phrase, "Did you know that?", makes it difficult to claim that you were just speculating. And the earlier qualifier, "in fact," makes it even more difficult. He lied to me. I don't think anyone would dispute that.