Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OK, this is amusing.


liberal supporter said...


"hunter" is now in full comment deletion mode. Apparently my calling her a Communist was just too much for her fragile ears. I called her a communist because of her claims that redistributing wealth at all is communist. I pointed out that a tax where some people pay more dollars than others would be redistribution. Even a flat (rate) tax is not a flat amount.

Maybe telling her it would cost $7121 per person to pay the federal government equally did not sit well with her. Who knows.

She deleted that, so I deleted most of my comments there over the last couple of weeks.

But she is now a certified comment deleter!

Mission accomplished, sir!


Romantic Heretic said...

Who thinks this shit up?

Ti-Guy said...

Who thinks this shit up?

Americans, bless their hearts.

...lot easier than voting or striking or paying taxes or not shopping...

Red Tory said...

Why does anyone care what "Hunter" thinks about anything? And I use the word thinks rather loosely there. Seriously.

pierre poutine said...

OK, this is amusing.

OK, so's this: Sinatra's bastard song sings for Palin