Sunday, October 26, 2008

When reality is hard werk.

Blogging Tory "Vancouver Secrets" goes all Steve Janke and sniffs out that nasty left-wing media bias:

Tough to win an election when the Big three networks all conspire against you… by burying anything that might compromise the Democrats.

In other news, John McCain is an honest, straight-talkin', mavericky war hero Washington outsider who's going to come in and clean things up and lone wolf mavericky maverickyness and stuff like that there.

It must be true ... I saw it on TV once. Maybe twice.

P.S. And he was a POW. Did you know that? I didn't know that.

BONUS TRACK: VS gets all pearl clutchy about Joe Biden getting miffed with really fucking stupid media people. Yes, VS ... as a Blogging Tory, you're just the person to take the moral high ground on politicians dissing the media.

No, really, keep whining ... I need the entertainment value. I think we have a whole new candidate in the "Stupidest Blogging Tory Imaginable" Sweepstakes. "Hunter" and Jonathan Strong should be seriously worried about their titles.

DOUBLE PLUS GOOD BONUS TRACK: Think Progress lays a pasting on that vile cretin Barbara West.

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