Thursday, October 30, 2008

The new cabinet's here! The new cabinet's here!

Well, not quite ... but the burning question is -- just how hysterically, howlingly incompetent will the new cabinet be? Which cement-headed, intellectually-crippled cretins will be promoted beyond their skill sets? Let's watch.

PERSONALLY, I like the idea of John Baird being transferred to a new cabinet post. Just think ... a whole new business demographic to shriek at insanely:

OK, that last one was for "NAMBLA" Dick Evans. Something for everyone, that's what I always say.


LuLu said...

I think the last one is my favouritest picture evah of Bunchy McPointyFinger. Seriously.

Ti-Guy said...

Part of the problem here is that Fatso Baird has permanently-flared nostrils (thesis: too much nose-picking as a kid)...even when he's in a good mood, he looks incensed.

Anyway, Whorren Kinsella is gushing about his "friend" Lisa Raitt making it to cabinet. From her sinecure at the Toronto Port Authority to another impressive.

Word verification: "mously."

Cameron Campbell said...

That second to last picture looks like his going to crap his pants.

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