Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's because they're full of shit. All the time.

My handy-dandy Sitemeter stats tell me of this wingnut who, back in July, expectorated thusly:

Dr Henry Morgentaler, no hero in the blogosphere

On July 1st the Canadian government announced the award of its highest civilian honour, the Order of Canada, to Dr Henry Morgentaler, holocaust personality, humanist and abortionist extraordinaire. Of course, it was ultra-controversial with Canada’s Catholic and pro-life groups. But a wave of wider protests have washed up the very steps of the Governor General’s house, and scores of past recipients of the award have returned their medals.

Yes, dear ... absolutely scores of them. Um ... refresh my memory ... as of months later in October, what was the state of that deluge of outraged returns? Oh, right:

The Governor General's office said Friday that a total of seven Order of Canada medals have been returned to protest Morgentaler's nomination, including former New Brunswick lieutenant-governor Gilbert Finn, B.C. priest Lucien Larre, another anonymous Canadian and families of three deceased recipients.

Um, yeah ... all of seven returns, three of which don't count. Apparently, wankers are just as bad at simple arithmetic as they are at ... well, pretty much everything. I am so not surprised.


Mike said...

And one was from a child abusing priest, don't forget that...a guy who should have had his stripped from him long ago...

CC said...

Mike, Mike, Mike ... children are only sacred and precious in the eyes of God while they're still in the womb. Once they're born, well, they're pretty much worthless crap. Ask any wingnut.

sooey said...

Stealing awards from the dead to fuel your righteous indignation shouldn't count towards the total.

Otherwise, keep 'em coming. If you think you don't deserve the Order of Canada, return it.

Ti-Guy said...

If you think you don't deserve the Order of Canada, return it.


But I think they're trying to imply that the Order of Canada doesn't deserve them.

Niles said...

So that leaves how many living recipients of the various levels of the OOC who *didn't* turn in their memberships trembling in moral outrage at the inclusion of the Doctor to their ranks?

What's the ratio/percentage here? And in a separate number, how many politicians didn't?

The whingers can still make out the few as the brave martyrs, but how large is the pool they're peeing in?

Unknown said...

Man, the idea of a catholic priest returning an award because he can't stand being associated with a group whose member(s) have performed (what he considers) reprehensible acts is pretty rich.

How can anyone be *that* incapable of self-reflection? It boggles the mind.

Unknown said...

Oh, right, the kind of person that abuses children.

Answered my own question there.