Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yes, Lisa, we're talking about you.

Hilariously, SiteMeter tells me that we here at CC HQ have had a number of hits today from Natural Resources Canada (the new purview of the newly-elected Lisa Raitt), all of them searching on (you guessed it) "Lisa Raitt", and ending up here and here.

Yeah, that amuses me, too.


Jennifer Smith said...

I've had eight so far from MNR, including one that had Googled "lisa raitt problems". And that's not counting the other half dozen government ministries and departments that went looking for Lisa today.

You know, you'd think they'd have done that whole vetting thing before they put her in the one of the few ministries for which she is less than qualified.

Mike said...

I know folks that work at could be some honest civil servant looking to see what kind of idiot they will be working for...