Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Your mind-numbing Denyseitude.

Canadian blithering ID wingnut Denyse O'Leary is sad:

Few Catholic reporters know much about the actual arguments and evidence in the intelligent design controversy.

Well, that's obviously because they haven't seen the movie "Expelled," which Denyse has been pimping lovingly and moaning over for months and which would have made the controversy perfectly clear, right, Denyse? Right? Right? Oh, wait:

Two nights ago, I finally saw the Expelled film ... the film badly needed an explanation of why there is an intelligent design controversy.

Canadian creationist dingbat Denyse O'Leary -- still struggling to connect the dots between A and B.


Balbulican said...

There's a "controversy"?

I thought there was an unbridgeable gap between a tiny handful of shrill ideologues without a clue what science means, and the vast majority of thinking people.

What controversy?

Mike said...

What Balb said...

The Doc said...

Having watched Expelled, and losing 1.5 hours of my life, I have to say that is the worst documentary, and possibly the worst movie I have ever watched. Being slightly interested in the whole "ID vs Evolution" thing, as a biochemist firmly in the Evolution camp, I thought it might bring something new... some argument I haven't encountered.

All I really remember hearing was Ben Stein interviewing Richard Dawkins and getting his 'estimate' on the chances god doesn't exist (95%, was the answer I think). Ben's witty, calculated response?
"Are you sure it's not 49%?".

What? How is that even relevant to anything?

It was a load of tripe, which even ID supporters should be embarrased about.

Noni Mausa said...

My local TV station is running ads for Expelled, available now on DVD at Blockbuster (Manitoba, Canada) Afternoons and early evenings.

The ad does not present it as a creationist or ID rant, but as a expelled-from-school comedy, at least to judge from the audio. (I hardly ever watch TV, just listen.)



Ti-Guy said...

Did this thing end up turning a profit for its investors? How much money did this thing make for anyone associated with it? Because in the end, it is far more instructive to look at that and see what disasters the whole concept of "marketplace of ideas" leads to.

Balbulican said...

Total Domestic Gross as of Oct 19: $7,720,487. That puts it well behind Religulous, at $10,647,729.

That's surprising because Expelled opened five months BEFORE Religulous, in roughly twice as many theatres - you'd expect the grosses to be a lot higher.

In Canada its opening weekend grossed $24,374, just a bit worse that HIndi-language "Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic".

Ti-Guy said...

I wonder how much of the debt the producers were able to write off?

Feh, what do I know about the economics of stoopid?

Beijing York said...

I'm betting they wrote off a lot. Check out the credentials of the crew for this piece of crap:

Most of them have worked with each other on one or two films maximum (mostly short dramas or horror). None has a pedigree dating back any earlier than 2005. You'll also note that many on the above the line crew got promotions from their last outing together.

The company name is Premise Media:

They've set up the site so you splash onto an Expelled trailer. They claim that they are into all sorts of media, including books. Although there are no indications of any other "products" that they have produced.

Somebody must have given them big money to get such a lucrative distribution deal. Most Canadian films would drool at being able to open in so many theatres.