Monday, October 27, 2008

Um, yeah, there's that little detail, isn't there, Paul?

Over at "Celestial Junk," Paul is just strutting around his rec room with his 5-inch woody:

... That is what our soldiers do. They hunt thugs while protecting the most defenseless. That is why we support them ... and why some of us have a hard time suffering the illogic of the greatest parasites of freedom ever known ... Western bleeding-heart Liberals.

Fuckin' A, Paul! Protect the weak and the defenseless, that's what our fighting men and women are all about. Well, OK, until 2011, at which point the weak and defenseless can fucking look after themselves, so long and thanks for all the casualties.

So sayeth Paul, blogging from "the Right side of the aisle," which one assumes is in his finished basement in a quaint little bungalow, a comfortable several thousand kilometers from the actual action.


Ti-Guy said...

Wow, he's so filled with rage I bet he'd love nothing more than to gouge the eyes of liberal freedom-parasites in front of their own children.

thwap said...

CC is bigger than five inches. I deduce.

today's word recognition thingy is "spent."

CC said...


It's highly unlikely that Paul would resort to eye-gouging. That would require actual physical effort, and would give the victim a chance to fight back.

In my experience, frustrated, hate-filled conservatives prefer unloading on defenseless innocents with firearms. It's more their style.

Given Paul's recent descent into incoherent, sputtering rage, I suspect we'll see something on CBC about him around mid-December. A Unitarian church is my guess.

Ti-Guy said...

This is true. The wingnuts think the use of technology is somehow more humane when you're maiming and killing. That's why obliterating whole villages of women and children from 10,000 metres is civilised, whereas a decapitation of one or two people is barbaric.

Anyway, my guess is not a Unitarian Church, but an Arby's or a Liquor Barn.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I got ten bucks says its either a newspaper office or a university arts lecture hall. And Paul's Celestial Junk wouldn't be five inches long even with a four-inch extention.